Say Hello To A New Way To Advertise

In today's world, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. With more and more people spending time on social media platforms, businesses are leveraging social media advertising to promote their products and services. One such platform that has gained immense popularity in recent times is TikTok.

It's Like Advertising On Facebook In 2004

Picture yourself as an early adopter of Facebook's advertising platform when it was initially launched. You were among the pioneers who explored this novel approach to promoting businesses and services on social media.

Proven Results

A significant number of our clients have already leveraged the TikTok Ads platform to run advertisements. Our experience with this platform has yielded impressive results, with the majority of our clients achieving a return on ad spend (ROAS) of at least 10 times the amount spent on ads.

Geo-fenced laser targeting

By using geo-fencing, Surge Digital can precisely target a particular area, ensuring that the ad reaches the desired audience. The laser-targeting feature allows for even greater accuracy in reaching the right people with the right message.

Vertical Videos

All of the content created on TikTok is in a vertical video format, which can also be utilized on other platforms such as Meta Reels and YouTube Shorts. This means that the content created on TikTok can easily be repurposed and shared across multiple platforms without having to undergo significant editing or reformatting.

Low CPMs

Our proprietary advertising techniques allow us to achieve low CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) on TikTok ads. With our expertise in optimizing ad campaigns, we can help businesses effectively reach their target audience on TikTok while keeping costs under control.


By leveraging our expertise in creating effective ad campaigns, we have helped furniture businesses achieve up to 10 times ROI through targeted advertising on TikTok. Our cutting-edge approach to digital marketing allows us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver unparalleled results for our clients.